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Monday, 20 July 2015

Songs that have stayed (Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai)

Yes, yes, yes. My sincere apologies for keeping you all waiting. Those of you who thought I've abandoned this space, well, think again! For, I'm too much a movie-lover to give up this blog of mine. It's taken me time, a lot of time indeed, to come back to it, but here I am, once again. Yes, Malhar's fine. He's now turning three, is as hyperactive as an Energizer Bunny, and extremely (that's an understatement) naughty. And work is very hectic as well! But again, here I am...

Padmini Kolhapuri is a powerhouse of talent. Her energy was palpable in all the films starring her as a child actress so when you see a film where she makes her debut as the heroine, the expectations are obviously huge. Mine were too. I must say I am extremely fond of this bubbly, photogenic actor who has an effortless charm about her. No role is too tough for her. Being in the industry from a very young age, she makes the characters look like a cakewalk. So, when I saw her in Nasir Husain's 1981 romance Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai, I was waiting for some real fire-cracking in the scenes she set foot with yummylicious Rishi Kapoor. But I was left waiting for more...
I was so impressed by Rishi Kapoor and Padmini's performances in Raj Kapoor's Prem Rog (a film I have watched at least thrice) that I was a tad disappointed with Nasir Husain's drama. Or maybe, he just couldn't weave everything together effortlessly. The movie has brilliant songs, some of which have attained cult status. These are R D Burman's gems that have been remixed time and again but the originals are a cut above.
Be it Pucho na yaar kya hua (a wonderful ballad by Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhonsle that is timeless, melodious and feet-tapping, all at the same time), Dil lena khel hai dildar ka (a rocking, smashing disco number that can even make the most 'non-dancer' start shimmying) or Hoga tumse pyara kaun (it's just super cute), the movie has some awesome songs to flaunt. Still, I kept asking for more...
S K Nanda (Shreeram Lagoo) fires his elder son, Ramesh (who even cares about Randhir Kapoor, by the way?!) for falling in love with Seema, a poor commoner and gives him an ultimatum that he would negate his name from the will if Ramesh marries Seema. But lovestruck as he is, Ramesh leaves home and marries Seema. Ravi (Rishi Kapoor, even the sight of him is enough to restore faith in the film again), returns home and realises that his father has been a bit too harsh and sets out to find Ramesh and his family. But fate has already dealt a cruel blow and Ravi finds out that Ramesh and Seema are no longer alive. But, they have a son called Pappu (well duhh!) who is being taken care of by Kanchan (Padmini Kolhapure), Seema's younger sister. Thus starts Ravi's search to locate Pappu. 
Meanwhile, Kanchan is not too sure that she wants to part with her darling nephew Pappu and tries to ward off Ravi dressed up as Bahadur, a Nepali boy. The scene shifts to the verdant tea gardens of Darjeeling and we have Ravi fast on the heels of a young girl who he lays his eyes on and can't seem to take his mind off. Bahadur's ploy is to mislead Ravi, but slowly the girl realises she too is head-over-heels in love with this dapper man from the city, who dresses to kill, has a rakish yet cute smile at the corner of his luscious lips, shakes like a rockstar and woos like the best woo-er on the planet. Frankly, can anyone blame Kanchan? She is a simpleton but that's exactly what draws Ravi to her. Her innocence, her simplicity and her freshness... They really make a catchy pair and they sing and dance to some seriously fancy songs... That part, I really liked...
Now there's a subplot featuring Sharif Khan (Amjad Khan) and Razia (Yogeeta Bali), which drags the main plot to some extent. Moreover, why did the director cast an extremely disinterested and very fat Amjad, is hard to decipher. And why on earth is he hiding his scars under those hideous gloves. If the stylist thought it would be stylish, the person really needed to think again! Yogeeta Bali is past her prime and just about fills the frame. The subplots lacked the energy that is usually characteristic of Nasir Husain films. I so missed good comedy over here. And the villains, the less said the better. Kader Khan was yet to mould himself into a good rogue and here he is absolutely lacklustre. Maybe these are some reasons why the film failed to impress...
Well the only really good feature about the movie then was Rishi Kapoor. He is as usual confident (well, perhaps he realised he would have to carry the film on his able shoulders), and effortlessly handsome. Great clothes, nimble dance steps, a ravishing smile and that well-known confidence makes the movie somewhat easy on the senses...


  1. Padmini's first film as an 'adult' was Ahista Ahista, the remake of Gejje Pooje.

    I agree that this film is no patch on earlier Nasir Hussain films, but it was watchable. :)

    Welcome back.

  2. @Anu: Thank you so much... I'll try and be regular this time. I have to watch Ahista Ahista in that case!

  3. What a coincidence! Earlier this morning I was thinking, "I wonder if Sharmi's going to return to her blog anytime soon? How old is her son now?"

    And, hey presto. Welcome back! :-)

    I have to admit I remember almost nothing of Zamaane Ko Dikhaana Hai except the picturisation of that song atop the train. Odd, considering I remember most of Nasir Hussain's films very well, and not just the 50s and 60s films...

    1. @Madhulika: Now we must meet okay?! And we must wear saris!! Okay?! Malhar is going to turn 3 on August 7. He's a handful!! Phew!! And yes, I promise I'll be regular this time... Btw, ZKDH, not a patch on Nasir Husain's earlier and better films!!

  4. Yes, we must meet! And in sarees. :-D

  5. I found some striking resemblance of the story of the 1996 shahrukh khan movie "English babu desi mem" with the story of this movie,specially the initial plot of the movie about elder brother marrying poor girl,disowned by father then younger brother coming in search of his elder brother who has died alongwith his wife etc.... Wondering if shahrukh khan movie was inspired from this one?

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