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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Problem of plenty (Teen Deviyan)

I currently share the plight of Dev Anand in Amarjeet's 1965 romance Teen Deviyan. Just when one problem is dealt with, another worry is wickedly grinning from around the corner, all set to upset your peace of mind. You think that all matters of concern are laid to rest and you can at last call it a day, but then the work and worries keep piling up. The dilemmas cloud up your senses and very soon you can hardly see any light at the end of the tunnel.

My state is however a bit deviated from that of Devdutt Anand (isn't it clever that he's called by almost his actual name here?). Lady luck has blessed me with the best life partner I could have got. So that leaves me with no worries of hunting for a suitable man. I can channel my energies towards work issues (pretty taxing I tell you!). When celebrities, fashion weeks and editorial writeups together storm into your life all of a sudden, pandemonium is sure to ensue. Ask me...
Devdutt's predicament of course is bordered just on girl issues. The charming poet, who works for a record company, has women falling for him like nine pins. And, like most men, he is elated. The confusion starts when three gorgeous gals want him as their life partner and he has to make a quick choice. He flits from the company of one woman to another, never really upsetting any one of them, but then, never really promising anything to also. He takes his own sweet time to decide, thus resulting in making some wrong moves and choices before a crystal ball directs him to the lady of his dreams.
As Devdutt is shown to have a talent for poetry and music, you get to hear some lovely music by SD Burman. Especially Kahin bekhayal ho kar (inimitable Mohd Rafi). Devdutt floors the audience at a poetry convention in Kashmir in which he has taken part on the urging of Simi alias Radha Rani (Simi Garewal looks so pretty), a rich woman. Simi is very fond of his poetry as well as their creator and is just waiting for him to pop the question. But knowing Devdutt and his dithering, can we blame Simi when she is exasperated with his indecisiveness? But then there is also the question of whether Devdutt will be happy with Simi, a rich heiress who is too busy throwing high-profile parties at her palatial bungalow and knows little about being a dutiful housewife? Perhaps she is just in love with Devdutt, the poet, and not the real man that Devdutt is.
Then there is Kalpana (pretty Kalpana carries this mysterious air about her throughout the film), the loner film actress who wants companionship from Devdutt. She is spunky and extremely seductive. But she also has those issues about being a stable homemaker (you get to witness her impulsive nature in Arey yaar meri tum bhi ho gazab), given her idiosyncrasies and her filmstar status. There is a scene where she latches on to Devdutt just because he is the one she feels can negate her loneliness. Is that true love?
That leaves Devdutt with the choice of Nanda (Nanda is as usual her sweet self here), the first girl who grabs Devdutt's attention and for whom he sings the teasingly awesome Aise to na dekho. She is well aware of his predicament, yet she is patient. She is homely, sweet and pretty. She makes no demands for his commitment and is forever willing to let Devdutt decide for himself. When he is rude to her and rebukes her for prying into his personal matter, she is dignified enough to leave him alone, only to let him realise who's the best one for him. She is chirpy in Likha hai teri aankhon mein (Lata Mangeshkar) and extremely naughty in her dealings with the dashing man in her life. Thank God Devdutt realises that Nanda is the right woman for him...
The best part of this breezy romance is Dev Anand. He is suave, smart and extremely naughty in his playboy approach. Even in his indecisiveness there is a charm and he is flamboyant as the talented poet. His smile is perfectly killing. Only if Mohd Rafi sang Khwab ho ya ho koi haqeeqat. Not that Kishore Kumar has done a bad job. But somehow I feel that in his voice this joyful track sounds more like an anthem... A straight drone that takes away much of the jollity associated with the theme of the film...
Work's piling up and I must get back to it. But not before I see a film. And what better way to rev up my energies than a good golden oldie...


  1. This has somehow never been one of my favourite Dev Anand films, perhaps because I've always thought that compared to films like Hum Dono, Solvaan Saal, Baat ek Raat ki and CID (among others), Teen Deviyaan has a somewhat rambling storyline. But yes, the music is superb, and everybody is so wonderful to look at!

  2. @Dustedoff: Yes, even I thought so when I saw it for the first time. But it has grown on me and now I do not mind watching it, just for the songs and Dev Anand though :)

  3. It's a sweet film that suits Dev Anand perfectly. Kalpana looked pretty as film heroine. Songs are great. It's not a typical storyline so worth watching.

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  5. @Sreenath: Yes, it is a frothy film that is light on the senses and worth it for the wonderful songs :)

  6. @Naveen: Welcome Naveen. Though it is a great effort, I somehow love the old film in its black and white avatar. You can read my post of Hum Dono on

  7. Like Dustedoff, this isn't my favorite Dev Anand film either, in spite of all the beautiful people and the lovely songs. Somehow, one man and three women never adds up to romance in my book. The only one of those I liked was the Shahid Kapoor starrer Dil Maange More, where he landed up having to choose between three women through a chain of circumstances that had nothing to with him being spoiled for choice!

  8. @Bollyviewer: So you like Shahid Kapoor? I adore him even though he is not that conventionally good-looking actor. I feel he is very talented and looks so sweet.
    As to Teen Deviyan, I do not mind just breezing through it :)

  9. This is one film I just could not sit through,but the songs -- all of them are my favourites.

  10. @Shilpi: Yes the songs are indeed lovely :)

  11. Oh my my, thanks a ton for reviewing this movie. As This is one movie which despite its loopholes, is somehow so gripping and enchanting that I can't really took my eyes from the screen. Whether it's the classy music & epic songs, or the lovable Dev Anand chemistry with the ladies...I mean I dont want to indulge into criticalities, But this movie was so refreshing...!! Thank You...!!